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5 October 2105 Goderich Township De-amalgamation Effort Still Proceeding

8 July 2015 De-amalgamation is dead, Hamilton Spectator

7 July 2015 New study says municipal breakup is possible


21 May 2015 Council seeking extension for scaled-back Inverhuron water and sewer project

15 May 2015 IWCCA Release 7

14 May 2015 Inverhuron Water and Sewer Project May Be Scaled Back

13 May 2015 Kincardine attempts to salvage part of Inverhuron water and sewer project

11 May 2015 Municipality of Kincardine Special Meeting on Inverhuron Sewer Project

8 May 2015 IWCCA - Release 8

4 May 2015 Legal action initiated against the Municipality of Kincardine

21 April 2015 IWCCA Letter

9 April 2015 Inverhuron Sewer Project Moves Ahead

6 April 2015 IWCCA Letter

2 April 2015 Menu of Televised Kincardine Council Meetings

15 March 2015 Inverhuron concerned citizens group challenges water and sewer project

15 March 2015 Intro Letter

4 March 2015 BM Ross Presentation to Council

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30 Sept 2011 Infrastrucure Survey of Water and Sewer Projects


5 June 2015 Caution is Required

29 May 2015 Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper protests plan to bury N-waste near Lake Huron

26 May 2015 Greens call on Environment Minister to stop nuclear waste dump in Lake Huron

19 May 2015 Dear Ontario: Please say no to a nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron

10 May 2015 The Inverhuron Working Committee

7 May 2015 Kincardine nuclear waste site gets federal seal of approval

7 May 2015 Underground Nuclear Waste Storage Site in Bruce Closer To Reality

6 May 2015 Sooner the better for DGR at Bruce Nuclear site, says Joint Review Panel

3 May 2015 Is a Kincardine deep geological repository the solution for nuclear waste?

26 Feb 2015 Inside the race for Canada’s nuclear waste: 11 towns vie to host deep burial site

24 Feb 2015 OPINION: Take your dump and stuff it – elsewhere

14 Oct 2014 OPG May Delay Further Payments to Bruce Municipalities

19 Nov 2014 Lake Huron Radioactive Waste Dump Should be Rejected

16 Oct 2014 DGR Questioned At Brockton All Candidates Debate

15 Oct 2014 OPG May Delay Further Payments to Bruce Municipalities

15 Oct 2014 Presentation by Marti McFadzean on the DGR

17 Sept 2014 Problems elsewhere raise questions about OPG's Kincardine DGR proposal

15 Sept 2014 OPG works to calm concerns over nuclear waste dump

14 Sept 2014 Kincardine nuclear waste site hearings re-open

13 Sept 2014 Legislation would give Andre Marin scrutiny over municipalities

11 Sept 2014 Scientist blasts DGR plan

12 Sept 2014 Mayor backs Kincardine DGR, Michigan senator says move it

11 Sept 2014 Opposition to Canadian nuclear waste dump gaining ground

10 Sept 2014 Former OPG scientist blasts utility’s ‘cavalier’ attitude

10 Sept 2014 Former nuclear scientist slams idea to bury radioactive waste

8 Sept 2014 Plan to bury nuclear waste near Lake Huron safe, experts say

4 Sept 2014 Canada narrows list of possible locations for nuclear waste facility

3 Sept 2014 Michigan congressman promotes resolution against proposed Canadian nuclear waste dump

29 Aug 2014 U.S. congressman urges president to step into nuclear waste debate

29 Aug 2014 Nuclear Waste Is Allowed Above Ground Indefinitely

7 Aug 2014 Closed-door nuclear meetings broke the law in Bruce County

7 Aug 2014 Ontario mayors violated law with 'secret' nuclear waste meetings: probe

15 July 2014 David Suzuki: Lake Huron is no place for a nuclear waste dump

29 June 2014 DGR On Lake Huron A ‘Threat to The Great Lakes

13 Aug 2014 Bruce County DGR meetings violated Municipal Act, says report

13 Aug 2014 Canada denies Pavlov chance to tell his side

13 Aug 2014 Bruce County DGR meetings violated Municipal Act, says report

20 May 2014 53 Million Gallons Of Nuclear Waste May Soon Be Stored Right Next To The Great Lakes

28 Aug 2014 U.S. Rep Kildee plans resolution opposing nuclear waste facility near Lake Huron

24 April 2014 53 Million Gallons Of Nuclear Waste May Soon Be Stored Right Next To The Great Lakes

1 April 2014 Step the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, Beverley Fernandez


1 July 2003 Water Bleed Practices: Options for Preventing Frozen Municipal Water Lines


4 June 2105 Bruce Telecom Doubles Budget For Expansion

30 April 2015 Bruce Telecom Sale Fails

2 Dec 2014 Letter to Council from Tiverton and District Rate Payers Association


21 Jan 2105 Oil pipeline break is under Yellowstone River

16 November 2014 Mayor Kraemar looks back

6 Nov 2014 Kincardine Pipeline Court Challenge Stalled

August 2009 Tritium in Drinking water


27 Jan 2015 Ont. ombudsman says municipal councils should face penalties for meeting in secret


27 June 2014 Medical marijuana facility being built in Bruce County


6 Oct 2014 Expansion of Natural Gas Distribution In Southern Bruce County - The Business Case

21 Sept 2014 Nearly $80K spent by Arran Elderslie investigating natural gas

3 Sept 2014 Natural Gas project dependent on Government Funding


5 Oct 2014 Septic Bed Restoration

5 Oct 2014 Rick Elliot Septic Bed Restoration

5 Oct 2014 Terralift (The Drain Doctor) Septic Bed Restoration


8 June 2015 Proposed Presentation to Council on June 17th

24 May 2015 160,000 Trees To Be Planted By Saugeen Conservation

15 May 2015 Draft Presentation to Council on Living Snow Fence Program

28 Jan 2015 Kincardine residents argue on both sides of the Great Gate Debate

2 Nov 2010 Barbara Goetz, Bruce County Receives 2010 Safe Communities Canada Founder’s Award

1 Nov 2010 Living Snow Fences- Minesotta Department of Transportation


November 2014 Election Results by Ward

2 November 2014 Election Complaint Letter from Jutta Splettstoesser

28 Oct 2014 Anne Eadie takes Municipality of Kincardine mayorship, Jacqueline Faubert deputy mayor

28 Oct 2014 Inverhuron group files pipeline lawsuit seeking relief from charges

27 Oct 2014 Kincardine Election Results

1 Oct 2104 About 200 people attend all-candidates meeting in Kincardine By Liz Dadson

1 Oct 2014 Lack of Transparency on Council - Underwood Candidates Meeting

1 Oct 2014 All-candidates meeting focuses on need for transparency, controlled spending

26 Sept 2014 Redacted Notes on the Secret Meetings for the Sale of Bruce Telecom

24 Sept 2014 County, School and Municipal Tax Rates from Jaqueline Faubert Facebook

9 Sept 2014 Kincardine Arts Centre given the green light to begin with Phase One of the $1.56 million project

15 Sept 2014 Full slate of candidates in Kincardine for 2014 municipal election

22 July 2014, Power Point Presentation on improving communication with Ward 2 and 3.

29 Aug 2014 Should Windsor council candidates live in the ward in which they’re running? (with poll)

14 Aug 2014 Angry crowd to take legal action over mandatory pipeline charge

4 June 2014 Candidates should be required to live in locality, says London city council hopeful


2 Oct 2014 Municipality defers meeting about Significant Woodlands overlay


4 Oct 2104 Lakes in Peril: Golden Horseshoe has algae problems of its own


9 Oct 2014 Inverhuron Pavilion concept revealed to Kincardine council

8 Oct 2014 Drew Robertson and Sheila Ogg present proposal for a Pavilion at Inverhuron


27 Nov 2015 2016 Central Bruce Grey membership Form

17 Sept 2015 Wis. 'health hazard' ruling could shock wind industry

15 August 2015 Ontario wants wind turbines closer than 550m from homes: “new models are taller and quieter” ?!

6 August 2015 Kincardine Ready For Armow Wind Project Noise Study

5 August 2015 Infrasound and Wind Turbines, Keith Stelling , reviewed by William Palmer

5 August 2015 A New Theory On Motion Sickness: Infrasound & Motion Linked by Kevin A. Dooley

25 Feb 2015 Suncor wants much of Plympton-Wyoming’s noise bylaw axed

5 Dec 2014 Wind turbines don’t make you sick, says MIT study – just annoyed

21 Nov 2014 Report avoids wind turbine health woes

17 Nov 2014 Wind turbines like ‘nightmare neighbours’

17 Nov 2014 Ontario’s wind farm approval process faces constitutional challenge

November 2014 Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study: Summary of Results

8 Nov 2014 Province gives greenlight to North America’s largest wind turbines in Niagara (West Lincoln)

7 Nov 2014 Ontario electricity gets taken for a spin

7 Nov 2014 Study finds no link between wind turbine noise, perceived health effects

7 Nov 2014 Canada wind turbine study released

6 Nov 2014 Health Canada Wind Study Released

6 Nov 2014 Turbine Noise Not Linked To Health Effects

6 Nov 2014 Group To Review Wind Turbine Report

5 Nov 2014 October 2014: breaking Ontario’s record for electricity costs

2 Nov 2014 The Wind Farm of the Future Might Be Underwater

29 Oct 2014 How green energy is fleecing Ontario electricity consumers

26 Oct 2014 Wind farms 'will never keep the lights on': Study claims turbines are 'expensive and deeply inefficient'

19 Oct 2014 The Link between Health Complaints and Wind Turbines

18 Oct 2104 Parker Gallant Uncovers the Hidden Costs of Ontario’s Insane Wind Power Policy

Oct 2014 Kincardine Turbine Map

Oct 2014 Wind Victims Ontario

Oct 2014 Lorrie Gillis, Submission to Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study, 2012

Oct 2014 Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study Design Consultation

8 Oct 2014 New bylaw will hold turbines companies to keep it down

5 Oct 2014 Wind Turbine Decision on Hold

3 Oct 2014 Goderich wind farm given green light by judge

1 Oct 2014 Wind farms a key issue in municipal election 2014

1 Oct 2104 County of Lambton looks to join three Huron families headed to divisional court

25 Sept 2014 Armow meeting HALT-SAFE

24 Sept 2014 4 stunning graphs to show how wind and solar compete with coal, gas

17 September 2014 Offshore Turbines Concern Lake Huron Coastal Conservationist

Aug 2014 Wind Health Impacts Dsmissed in Court

21 July 2014 Appeal Scotty Dixon and St Columban Energy Factum and others

28 Aug 2013 5th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise, Denver

June 2104 Milestones Wind Conference 2014 Why Wind Turbines are not the answer

3 March 2013 Dr. Laurie Release 2013 03 03 - Doctors blow the whistle

10 Sept 2012 Ontario MPP Lisa Thompson tables four motions to support wind turbine moratorium

7 Dec 2012 HARM Submission Embridge Turbine Project Underwood

16 March 2011 HARM Catherine Crawford KINCARDINE HEALTH IMPACT delegation

22 Nov 2012 Dr. Laurie Waubra FoundationExcessive Noise Senate Inquiry Questions on Notice - List of symptoms

May 2010 The Potential Health Impact of Wind Turbines, Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) of Ontario


The Inverhuron Committee

Facebook, The Inverhuron Committee

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Kincardine Trails

Wind Concerns Ontario

Ontario Wind Resistance

The Lake Huron Centre For Coastal Conservation