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We are looking forward to seeing you at the Candidates Meeting at:

The Tiverton, Whitney Crawford Community Centre
Saturday, September 20
9:30 AM, Registration of Voters not on the Voters List
10:00 AM, General Meeting

Agenda for General Meeting:
1. Contestation Forms and Status of Legal Case on Bylaw 2014-044 - 10 min (Donald AC Stewart)
2. Voter Registration for Mail In Balloting, Intro of RATEPAYERS FIRST web site - 10 min (Mike Smith)
3. Welcome to the Candidates (Jim Preston) - Gordon Campbell (At Large), Alex Eveleigh (At Large), Jacqueline Faubert (At Large), Laura Haight (At Large), Linda McKee (Ward 2), Doug Peebles (At Large), Randy Roppel (Ward 3), Christina Roppel-Wahi (At Large), Jutta Splettstoesser (Ward 2)
4. Candidates to speak in alphabetical order by last name. The talk should include answers to the questions below - 8 min per candidate.
5. Questions from the floor (30 min).

Candidate Questions - Click here to send us your own question(s).
1) Reciprocity: We are concerned that over $4 M in taxes are collected each year from Ward 2 and 3 but almost all revenues are spent elsewhere. Ward 2 and 3 needs a community centre, bike paths, street lights and walking trails which go unfunded. What are your thoughts on this?

2) Sale of Bruce Telecom: Do you think it was appropriate for Kincardine Council to conduct their discussions about the sale of Bruce Telecom behind closed doors?

3) Reciprocity: The sale of Bruce Telecom (which originated in Ward 3) may amount to $25 M and License Fees from Samsung Pattern wind turbines (in Ward 2) amount to $13.5 M. Do you think these funds should be used for reducing taxes or for projects like the Natural Gas Pipeline (up to $100 Million) which would have little benefit for Ward 2 and 3 Tax payers?

4) DGR: Do you support the DGR (Deep Geologic Repository)?

5) Bylaw 2014-044: Do you think it was right for Kincardine Council to break its promise and charge the unconnected residents $7,260 for water they did not want or need?

6) Inverhuron Water and Sewers: Do you support mandatory hookup to the water pipes?

Click here to send us your own question(s).