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21 Sept 2014
Hi Mike:
The website looks great and hopefully your efforts will pay off in the months to come.
Unfortunately we were unable to attend the candidate meetings that were held and we don’t believe we will be able to get to the one on Monday night either. It was really helpful to be able to read the notes from the Thursday night one and we will be looking for the ones from Saturday when they are available.
We have one comment/suggestion:
While it is very helpful to know the positions of the councillor candidates that are running at-large on the issues of the Inverhuron waterline, the DGR and the wind turbines, it would also be useful to know the same thing for the councillors running in the wards. While we (in Ward 3) can’t vote for the candidates in Wards 1 and 2, when those candidates are elected they can vote for and veto the issues that severely affect people in other wards. In fact, it was those councillor votes that contributed to the messes we currently have (i.e., Maureen Couture and her determination to make the waterline neighbours pay). So....there are many, many people that have retired to Kincardine from the outlying areas and those people still are loyal and interested in the farm areas and communities they came from and if those people know the Ward 1 candidates’ positions on these issues, they can vote knowingly and accordingly. If there is any way that we could get a chart that included all the candidates’ positions (including the mayoral candidates) on the hot topics, it would be an easy and quick reference for all voters.
Thank you for your time and efforts. If you feel this is worthy of posting in your comments section, please do so.
Lois and Gordon Bradley

23 Sept 2104
In response to the comment by Gord and Lois Bradley, of 21 September, a chart showing the Candidates position on issues has the potential for conveying what we, the candidates, think you want to hear, not what we truly believe. And there is no recourse for any such deception, until Election 2018. 
  As voters, you do have to do your own research and background checks on the candidates. Ask questions designed to get honest answers, questions that don’t leave wiggle room. You need to find out what we were, or are still, involved in, what special interest groups we formally or informally support, and judge whether these activities are consistent with our stated positions. You, as the voters, have to unearth these inconsistencies, by asking the hard direct questions.  
  A more important issue and one I am championing, is that successful elected candidates work for you, implementing your agenda, not our personal or special interest agenda. There will be cases these two agendas align perfectly, and cases that are completely opposite. If successful as a candidate for Councillor at large, I promise to shelf my personal agenda, and work tirelessly to implement yours.
  So to make your job easier, to determine if my stated positions are consistent with my past, here is my dossier.
• Career nuclear power industry worker and supporter
• Former member, and director of HALT, an Anti- Industrial Wind Turbine activist organization, in which I am still strongly engaged and supportive of. I am opposed to the construction of IWTs in rural residential areas. I am thinking, from personal exposure to Cruickshank Wind, that 2.5 or 3 KM might be sufficient separation.
• Neither I nor any family have IWT leases or options.
• Member and Director, Bruce Local of National Farmers Union, NFU
• Member, Council of Canadians, CoC
• Member New Democratic Party, NDP
• Life time unionist,
• Subscriber and follower, Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, CCPA
• Member Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, EFAO
• Supporter of Penetangore Watershed Group, Pine River Watershed Initiative, Little Sauble River Initiative, clean up our Huron Shores Beaches
• Supporter of the arts, I do attend Live theatre, in Kincardine and Stratford, (an excellent example of theatre remaking a town).
• A believer that to make the changes in our world, you have to start at home, with local initiatives.
• A believer that Climate Change is real and is happening now.
• A  Buy local, Made in Canada advocate and to the extent possibly, practitioner.
• Supporter and promoter of a united inclusive Municipality of Huron Shores.
  Thank You, Doug Peebles,
Candidate,Councillor at Large,Municipality of Kincardine(Huron Shores)

21 Sept 2014
Laura Haight has no empathy. If the municipality is so concerned about our water being tainted then they would have hooked us up 10 years ago instead of waiting till now when the debt has accumulated 10 years interest. Our 10 year debt would have been paid off by now and we'd only be paying the capital instead of 10 years interest. If anything, they should absorb the 10 year interest accumulation since it was originally their debt. The only thing they are worried about is their bottom line and provincial funding and admitting to their error in making everyone pay and waiting this long to make a decision. This isn't about the hookup but the debt repayment. Neither Anne Eadie or Laura Haight is going to budge and not willing to admit their mistake. I can only hope that Ward 1 voters can see her for what she is. I'm sure anyone in Wards 2 and 3 that have been following this will certainly not vote for her or Anne Eadie. My biggest concern is that there are so many people that are uninformed about what is happening. I've spoken to so many and they haven't been following the election and the issues. How do we get people to wake up and get involved? I'm going to post some of these websites on the "Tiverton Blooms" facebook and hopefully get a few more on board. Word of mouth seems to be the only way. I was hoping for a better turnout on Thursday and Saturday but this just proves that people are uninformed.
I was also surprised by Laura Haight's comment about this being a "closed door" meeting. What is she talking about? She kept making comments about us wanting answers for issues that she is unfamiliar with. If you're running for council, shouldn't you be as informed as the rest of us. Are we the only ones that know what's going on. She and the others that didn't know, should have known about Bill 8 since it was in the Kincardine News on Thursday.
I'm spreading the word the best I can but can only reach so many. I'll just keep trying. Obviously the new issue of significant woodlands also has to do with the sewer and water. They want to build a subdivision next to our property and they would need the water/sewer pipeline. The public notice in the paper was so vague that no one noticed it. I emailed Emily Dance a week ago and she hasn't responded yet. I only have till Sept 26th to send in my concerns. I am preparing a statement to submit for the Oct. 8th meeting regardless.
We had people looking at our properties and yesterday they backed out because of the water/sewer issue not being resolved. That's 3. This used to be a great place to live but since this amalgamation and this council's actions, it is losing it's appeal.
We can only hope that the new council we vote in, will vote to rescind the by-law. We still have hope with the new council and the legal actions.
Thanks for all that you and the rest of the crew are doing. I"ll keep fighting with you until it's resolved.
Keep up the good work.
Karen Ballok

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